Twin sisters, best friends and the ultimate supportive partner

To have a twin sister in my life is a true and valuable gift. Someone to share happy, crazy, cool, traditional, turbulent, akward, sad and tough moments with. To help and support each other at all times no matter where we are and what we do in the world. We make each other stronger as individuals and together as a unit we often see beyond any limit. Love ya lil sis! @linneanilssonwaara @waaraworldwide

 Linnea & Erika. Half an hour between these faces. Identical or not – who knows and it doesn’t matter. 

Where ever you are in the world we’ll always be together through our hearts.

Linnea Nilsson-Waara

Trailrunning and the Vasalopps-track is now completed!

Trailrunning and completing the last part of the famous Vasaloppsleden. The track goes from Sälen to Mora (located in Dalarna, Sweden) and has a distance of 90 km. You can do this track skiing, bicycling and/or running/hiking. The most popular style is skiing and the competition is always held the first sunday in march. The competition brings about 15 000 people from all over the world and the starting tickets get sold out very fast. Different kind of competitions are held during this week and they estimate an impressive number of 60 000 people to participate. So for us it was very convenient to do the track by our selfs.

Half and half the track

About one month ago I did half the track together with one of my class mates. I had never ran that long distance before so 48 km was a good start. Today I did the rest of the track (which ended up in 44 km) and together with my twin-sister Erika. The first part, from Sälen to Evertsberg is more difficult because of more narrow paths, bigger differenceses in altitude (more up hill) and many narrow foot-bridges. From Evertsberg to Mora is like an Europe-road but in the forrest and most of the time the track goes slightly downhill.

Do the track all in once or stay in huts along the way
Along the track you’ll find huts and if you want to stay over night you just pay a small fee and bring your own sleeping bag and mattress. Our father is very interested in skiing and one day we’ll hopefully do the track together. I guess it will be skiing or hiking.

Over and out!


Ready, set and go! It’s around 10 am and we’re prepared to start the race.


Some stop for energy refill is necessary. Here we have bars, nuts, raisin, sandwiches and coffee. And water of course.


Putting our marks in a guestbook along the track.


WOW! Jack Sparrow in the middle of the forrest. But he looks kind of sad…


The paths are wide and good.


We did it! 44,5 km of trail running. Proud and a bit sore in our bodies. But our minds are shining and we’re feeling very happy.


Active time: 4 h 5 min. Total time: 5 h 28 min.


Erika is entering the finish-line as a zombie 😉


The whole vasalopps-track is completed. Linnea is raising her hands towards the sky – victory! Happy, proud and thankfull.


We got the best reception by Sam who picked us up in Mora and he had also brought coffee and sandwich.

Halvvasan Plus

Idag genomförde jag och min klasskamrat Ida Lindström  Halvvasan Plus, från Sälen till Evertsberg + 1 km lite feljoggning. Total sträcka blev 48 km och vi tog oss igenom till största delen joggades! Ingen av oss hade tidigare ens sprungit ett marathon, så idag slog vi båda två distansrekord. Stolta och med en kropp som liknar status efter en hel helg med fotbollscup (dvs. mör, sliten och trött, men lycklig) har vi nu försett oss med taco-middag och två godispåsar vardera.

Eftersom sträckan blev längre än halva Vasaloppet diskuterade vi om detta kan kallas kort-ultra eller lång-mara. Same same and no difference 😉

Tack för oss!



Nästintill identisk packning, men olika färg.


Jag och Ida gör oss redo. Vår skjuts Danne (och Samantha) är redan redo!


Checkar av Vasaloppets olika hållplatser. Evertsberg är målet.


Där allting startade.




Vi suktar efter diverse godsaker och smider planer på att köpa godis efter målgången.


Lingon och blåbär fanns det gott om längs leden.


ÄNTLIGEN! 48 km genomförda till fots och största delen joggandes Obeskrivlig känsla av seger när vi dansar oss in över mållinjen i Evertsberg. Halvvasan genomförd tillsammans med grymmaste Ida Lindström! Följ henne på instagram: @1dalindstrom