How is life for the Personal Trainers in school?

Over the next 4.5 months I’m educating myself to a Personal Trainer in Halland. We are now into our fourth week and the education is quite amazing. Likewise the classmates and the school itself. There is so much to learn and so much that I want to share with you. Hopefully I can through this blog give you a little more knowledge about training and health; for example training methods and techniques, adventures and challenges, nutrition, equipments and how to prevent sports injuries. Through this blog me and my sister Linnea hope to inspire you to take a step (small or big) towards a healthier lifestyle which includes some kind of exercising or maybe take a step towards something else that you dream of or want to achieve in life.


This week turns into more practical elements in school, including posture analysis and Fysprofilen.

A good posture is the foundation for all kind of training and health. By analyzing the posture we get a hint of bone structures, muscle balance and centers of gravity. Through this we can influence and develop the training based on our findings. Yesterday we photographed each other and now we begin the analytical work.

Fysprofilen means that you test your physical abilities to get an understanding on where you are today to know in which direction you can work. Several sports have their own reference values ​​based Fysprofilen and therefore you can find out the status of your physical abilities compared to others in the same sport. This day consisted of maximum efforts in squats, chins, dips, brutal bench and an anaerobic running test. It’s been a very inspiring day, in which the class has really given it all and encouraged each other in every way and all the way! The remaining steps will be done next week. An important thing to remember is that the tests should always be carried out with equal opportunities and preparation, because then we get the fairest result from time to time.

Finally, I want to give you some tips along the way. Start by reflecting on your posture when standing. Ask yourself if your shoulders are in the same level and the neutral position, how is the direction of your elbows, knees and feet pointing, if the trunk is rotated, and where to put the gravity on your feet, and if they supine or prone?

As for physical tests is suggested that you test yourself regularly to see where and how you are doing in your training. A light recommendation is to make the tests every six to twelve weeks. Also reflect on what type of test is the best for your specific goals and the sport or exercise that you exert. Test results can show if you need to make any change in your training schedule. They often act as a motivating factor when you see that you get the results you are striving toward.

Good luck!

/Erika Nilsson Waara

Chins in Fysprofilen

Chins in Fysprofilen


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