Climbing, safety and Green card!

Learning how to climb and to be a trustful safety-person for the one who is climbing. There are many important things in the equipment you need to check both on your self and on your friend before entering the wall. Today I got a Green card in climbing, which certify my knowledges in climbing and especially safety.

Before you and your friend are ready to go you need to have said those following words (I write them in swedish): The safety-person says ”Säkring klar!”. Your friend answer with ”Jag klättrar!”.


Here are the safety-persons stitch-break. Check!


Also make sure the harness is tight and can’t be pulled down your hips.


You have to trust your safety-man downstairs when you climb.


The amazing feeling when you reach the top!


And the feeling when you can fall down and you know it’s safe.


Green card – check! Also look at the double eight which is a common knot to use.


Light is right!

Going hiking usually means a lot of luggage and outdoor equipment. There are many questions to answer before you start to pack your bag, for example:

  1. how long time you’ll be away?
  2. what will the weather be like (will it rain, be very cold…)?
  3. will you stay in huts or are you camping outside?
  4. what previous knowledges and experiences do you and your friends have from outdoor life and how challenging will this trip be?
  5. Any medical aspects/physical difficulties to have in mind?

Shelter, sleep and carry

One rule is to carry light and only bring stuff you really need. A maximum of 3 kilos for shelter (tent), sleep (sleeping bag and mattress) and carry (backpack) are recommended. If you’re planning to set a basecamp and do day trips, a smaller backpack is unbeatable. With my personal equipment this ”3-kilo-rule” is very limited for me, but gives me an idea how I should think when I need to/consider to update my outdoor equipment. Every extra piece of gram you add on to your luggage means extra kilos on your feet, knee and so on.


Your luggage with tent, backpack and sleeping equipment shouldn’t weigh more than 3 kilos in total.


A comfortable and hard wearing backpack that doesn’t way to much are preferred.

”Going hiking is like preparing for a longterm backpacker trip. You need to consider every piece of luggage, meaning what to bring and what to leave at home. But remember to always have safety in mind as rule number one”.

Linnea Nilsson-Waara

Höstglöd i Grövelsjön

Förberedelserna inför fjäll-eventet Höstglöd är i full rulle och idag åkte jag och några från klassen upp till Grövelsjön för att göra en rekning inför kommande helg. Klassen har fått i uppgift att plocka fram och hålla i samtliga guidade turer, samt kringaktiviteter (Adventure Camp) på Fjällstationen.

Oavsett tidigare erfarenheter av fjällivet rekommenderar jag dig starkt att besöka oss uppe i Grövelsjön nästa helg, den 17-20 september. Att få andas frisk fjälluft och vistas ute i den vackra fjällvärlden är livskvalité!

Vi ses!



Jag och Ida är projektansvariga för detta event. Här är vi och rekar av vandringslederna.


Sportchefen Niclas och Ida betraktar den store botanikern Linnés källa.


Om du dricker vattnet från Linnés källa sägs du förbli ung.


Samantha, Niclas och Ida i trädkramar-position.