Climbing, safety and Green card!

Learning how to climb and to be a trustful safety-person for the one who is climbing. There are many important things in the equipment you need to check both on your self and on your friend before entering the wall. Today I got a Green card in climbing, which certify my knowledges in climbing and especially safety.

Before you and your friend are ready to go you need to have said those following words (I write them in swedish): The safety-person says ”Säkring klar!”. Your friend answer with ”Jag klättrar!”.


Here are the safety-persons stitch-break. Check!


Also make sure the harness is tight and can’t be pulled down your hips.


You have to trust your safety-man downstairs when you climb.


The amazing feeling when you reach the top!


And the feeling when you can fall down and you know it’s safe.


Green card – check! Also look at the double eight which is a common knot to use.



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