Repelling and preparing for ice climbing

Yesterday we did outdoor climbing at a mountain called Garberg. It’s located about 20 km east from Älvdalen. There we got to learn more about climbing, or actually how to do repelling (meaning using a rope to get your self down a cliff). We also learned about the equipment you’ll need, for example rope (dynamic and static), how to check that the rope is in good quality, how to attach the rope in the right way – using three security spots and carbines etc.


Our teacher showing us how to attach the rope on three spots. Safety always comes first!


Carbines and some more carbines. Those can easily broke if you drop them towards hard material (ex. the floor). Then you have to throw them because there can be hidden cracks in them which will reduce their strenght.


Focused and leaning back is the key. Also always to have the security/repelling hand static to your hip and not drop the rope. You adjust the speed and resistance with this hand. For me it’s the right hand.


My class mate is about to ”climb down”.


It was a cold day and then a fire and coffee is always welcome.

Over and out!


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