Dancing on water in the Norwegian mountains

This week we’ve been out in the mountains hiking, wading, climbing and sun-bathing. We’ve been very lucky with the weather meaning sun almost every day and the lakes have been clear as a mirror. In the mornings a thin layer of ice has covered the lakes and if I would have taken a few moves on the ice it would have felt like dancing on water. But… those who know me also knows that I wouldn’t risk falling into that freezing cold water 😉


Ready, set, go! ”Hiking in autumn” here we come.

Hiking in different terrain

On the pictures you can see all the different terrain we’ve been hiking us through. The most challenging hike was when we climbed from the north-east side up on Mitretoppen, Rendalssølen 1755 m. This is the second time in two weeks I’m up on this top, but this time I climbed it from a different angle – and also through some snowy and slippery parts.


Crossing water by wading. It was really cold. Here I’m not dancing – but very focused so I won’t fall and also get my backpack all wet.


Wet wet wet…


On our way towards Mitretoppen.


Climbing on rocks, from the north-east side, with Mitretoppen 1755 m. as our goal.

Orientation in the night

The most exciting and nervous thing on this tour was yesterday. We had a night activity and the mission was to get back to the cars (the location for the cars was pointed out on the map). And we had to do this at night with just a head torch, compass and a map – and all by my self! For me this was a real challenge because I’m not very comfortable being out in the mountains in darkness, all alone and just navigating with a compass and a map. Anyway… It took med 2,5 hours to get to basecamp and the total distance ended up in 9 km. I felt very lucky when I reached the goal and proud that I had won over my fear.


Some relaxing and preparation time before the night orientation will start.


Still a little time until it gets dark. What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger.

More pictures from our week in Rendalssølen, Norway.


Open up your mind and you’ll see the shape of a heart.


The mountains reflected in the water.


Just stunning! Sølentopparna and a crystal clear lake makes a perfect couple.




Lunch-time. Egg, noodles with bacon flavoured with curry. One of the easiest meals to make. And outdoors everything taste so much better.


My class mates.


Me and Ida up on Mitretoppen, 1755 m. We did it!


My awesome class – all together up on the top!


Waking up to this beautiful sunrise makes the whole day!


We changed camping spot every day and got to see a sunrise almost every morning.


Back in Älvdalen we stopped for a big breakie at the hotel. Thank you for a wonderful week with YH-fjäll 15/16.

Hiking and being out in the mountains when it’s autumn is the best time of the year. If you’ve never tried it just give it a go. The nature fills you with new and positive energy. If you feel unsure how to do just start with an easy daywalk – you don’t have to stay over night to be out in the mountains. Or join experienced friends or go on a guided tour. The tours usually have the equipment you’ll need (to borrow or for rent) and know how to act/about safety when you’re out in the wilderness.



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