A 360 degree view over the Norwegian mountains

Båthusberget is a spectacular mountain located in Norway. From Grövelsjön (which is located close to the Norwegian border) you can take the car to where the track starts, it’s about 15-20 min drive. The total hike is nine km and takes you up on Båthusberget. It’s considered as one of Grövelsjöfjällens most beautiful hikes. Some parts are quite steep and raises your pulse. At one point of the track you can choose to walk right- och left lap. If you choose right lap the track will be more steep uphill to the summit and downhill the inclination will be less steep. This lap is recommended because it’s easier to take the steepest part walking uphill. Along the track you can refill your bottles from the streaming water. The vegetation offers different kind of old and impressive trees, flowers, lakes and a beautiful 360 degree view over the Norwegian mountains. Total inclination in meter is 500.


Walking the right lap with another mountain in our background, called Herbenser.


Starting the track and walking in the forrest.


Life as a guide.


Good company makes the trip something little extra.


Both people and dogs were on this guided tour.


Some parts are more steep. You need to stay focused and look where you put your feet.


Båthusberget from below.


A pleasant tour with an amazing group and beautiful weather.

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