A peaceful hike up on Svarthamra

Svarthamra is a mountain on the Norwegian side. It takes about 15-20 min drive from Grövelsjön to get to the access where the hike starts. Here you have many alternatives for your route which makes it easy to decide how long distance and time you want to be out hiking. We decided to do an easy day walk with a long fika-break.

”Fika” is a typical swedish word meaning you’re having a nice time together with friends drinking coffee or tea, eating cake, sandwich, nuts and etc. to refill your body with.

On the way to Svarthamra you’ll pass small brooks, fascinating trees and if you decide to do the hike at this time of the year, you will get amazed by all the red and yellow color in the mountains. You’ll also see the large lake called Femunden and get a beautiful view of another fascinating mountain called Båthusberget.

About the track
Total inclination from where the hike starts and up to the top is 300 m. The track is nice – but at some places you’ll find it more rocky and can also be slippery. Estimated time with return is 6 h.

A feeling of freedom with an amazing view over the mountains and colorful environment. Photo: Niclas Bentzer.


Red, yellow, green and many more colors – this time of the years is my favorite to be out hiking. And NO mosquitos. Photo: Niclas Bentzer.


The mountain on the other side is called Båthusberget. I’ve earlier written a post on the blog about a tour I did up there.


More fascinating colors and vegetation.


To be out in the mountains, running and feeling free like a bird should be a privilege for every dog. Also a long fika-break is nice to relax and enjoy the outdoor life.


You’ll see some really awesome cliff formation on this hike.

2 reaktioner på ”A peaceful hike up on Svarthamra

  1. Karin skriver:

    Hej! Varifrån går du upp på Svarthamran? Gick idag till Litl Elgåtjönna och undrade hur man bäst fortsätter upp på Svarthamran? Eller går man bäst upp från annat håll?


    • Waara Worldwide skriver:

      Hej Karin!

      Gå upp till Litl-Elgsjötjönna (även kallad Svarthammartjärn). Därifrån viker du söderut och följer kammen upp på Svarthamran (syd-östlig riktning). Från Svarthamran fortsätter du att följa kammen mot Blankåshamran, vilket resulterar i en rundtur tillbaka till Litl-Elgsjötjönna. Längs vägen finns häftiga raviner att titta på.

      Lycka till!



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